My Special Birthday Present

I’m a proud Mama:) These are the sketches Madison just sent me. She is creating a dress for me for my birthday. I can’t think of anything more special. We went to the charming, local fabric boutique in downtown Savannah, Fabrika, to choose my palette. (You will visit their store if you come to the Gypsy Soul Retreat.) I chose a mustard cutwork and a soft gray cotton. Today, she sent me these sketches, all originals drawn by her. Next she will drape, cut, and sew my beautiful present. I am beyond excited. So fun having a fashion designer for a daughter! Can’t wait to show you the next step…


Tall Ships and Tybee

Yesterday morning, I hopped on my bike and rode over to North Beach. (I love walking out my door and being able to bike just about anywhere on the island. Reminder to add that to my gratitude journal:) Anyhoo… the ships were sailing ¬†from Savannah past Tybee on their way to a race in the ocean. Thirteen grandiose, historically based tall Ships with swaying, white sails drifted out to sea. I was sitting on a little wooden swing on the edge of the beach watching this majestic parade, and I thought this is my life. I am truly blessed.

The Struggle of Coming Back!


Whew! What a week… I got some good constructive criticism a few days ago. As a result, I crawled into my protective cocoon and pondered all the mistakes I’ve made and focused on what seemed a hopeless outcome. In those days, I realized how tender my heart is and how much I take things to mean “I’m not enough.” Mind you, the person who gave me the input is a dear friend and a super talented, successful artist. As much as I wanted to hear her thoughts, my heart hurt. I’m just now coming out of my funk and making efforts to re-evaluate some things and try again. The photo above was taken a few, happy weeks ago here on Tybee, … the place that makes my heart sing and my soul rejoice in how blessed and loved I truly am. Thank you, Mel, for this pic, as it reminds me “I am enough. I have enough. God has given me all I really need.”