The Struggle of Coming Back!


Whew! What a week… I got some good constructive criticism a few days ago. As a result, I crawled into my protective cocoon and pondered all the mistakes I’ve made and focused on what seemed a hopeless outcome. In those days, I realized how tender my heart is and how much I take things to mean “I’m not enough.” Mind you, the person who gave me the input is a dear friend and a super talented, successful artist. As much as I wanted to hear her thoughts, my heart hurt. I’m just now coming out of my funk and making efforts to re-evaluate some things and try again. The photo above was taken a few, happy weeks ago here on Tybee, … the place that makes my heart sing and my soul rejoice in how blessed and loved I truly am. Thank you, Mel, for this pic, as it reminds me “I am enough. I have enough. God has given me all I really need.”


9 thoughts on “The Struggle of Coming Back!

  1. Aw, I’m sorry had a heart-hurt moment. Sometimes those are really difficult to recover from. I love how happy you look in that photo. That smiling woman is still in there, the one that is enough and has enough to be who God made you to be. Thank you for sharing your smile. It made me smile.

  2. Thank you for sharing, when you have your “aha” on the other side of this I hope you share what you can so I can learn from it…..criticism and then what? I need to learn this lesson 😉

    • Hi, Linda.
      Well, part of the “aha” was today; realizing I’m enough… or at least, realizing it for today. I know I will
      struggle with this again and again. Grateful for moments of gratitude and determination. I’ll keep you posted:)

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