WHEW!!! That was hard work!

When this photo was taken, I had just begun the retreat registration and website”process”… what a process it has been. It was my birthday week, my husband was visiting me at our beach cottage where much of the retreat will take place. I almost wasted away that special weekend getting bogged down in details. Thankfully, he insisted I rest and enjoy my birthday, and I did! Fast forward almost two months and many, many nights and days, and hours of details later, and here we are. I’m not very computer savvy, and I’m also picky about how I want things to look, so finding someone to help me with the publishing of my sight and creating my vision seemed daunting. Somehow, I stumbled upon an amazingly talented and incredibly patient web designer! Her name is Julianna, and you can find her on etsy at JM Designs.

Thanks to her, the creative retreat site is now LIVE and registration is OPEN!! (www.gypsysoulretreat.com)

Thank you, thank you, Julianna. You are an angel, and I’m so grateful.

2 thoughts on “WHEW!!! That was hard work!

  1. Wow Lisa – The website looks great – I’m excited for you and your new adventure by the sea!! Keep us updated!

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