Free People’s Spring Line


The sun is out, and a new day is beginning! We just received another shipment from Free People and our store is now brimming with feminine and spirit-filled dresses, tops, and shorts. In 1970, Dick Hayne started Free People on one of the many small streets of West Philadelphia. He catered to a growing crowd: eclectic and creative young people who wanted to express their lifestyle through fashion. Overtime, his store grew and grew and Free People became Urban Outfitters.

Dick decided to open a wholesale line, which was also very well received, and went through a series of name and brand changes.


In 1984, the wholesale line returned to its roots and became Free People, once again. But it took a few years for the wholesale division to tap into its original spirit. According to Free People’s website:

“During 2001, we realized that it was really Free People that invoked some of our favorite images, those of femininity, courage, and spirit. It was time to get back to our roots.Free People shed its junior image and evolved into a more mature, contemporary brand. This allowed twenty-something women to appreciate the line of clothing that catered to their intelligence, creativity and individuality, while keeping with its great quality and affordability.”


Now Free People is appreciated by women young and old. The colors and textures of their clothing are often whimsical and mismatched, lending towards a free-spirited and feminine aesthetic. We’d love for you to come and see their Spring line. We are the only store in Colorado Springs who carries Free People, and we’re proud to play a small part in such an inspiring company.


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