Level 99 Jeans


Now through Sunday, May 19th, all denim at Lucy and Louise Atelier is 30% off. This is the perfect time to stock up on the quintessential staple: a quality pair of jeans! Lucy and Louise carries denim from companies like Joe’s Jeans and Level 99. Both offer unparallelled quality and fit. Level 99 Jeans are especially perfect for spring and summer because of the wide variety of color available in the latest collection. Light purple jeans can be a bright and cheery addition to your wardrobe.  Even better, these lily skinny jeans are made from Level 99’s new Tencel Linen that wicks heat and moisture away from your body, making them perfect for warm weather.


Here is what Level 99 says about their company:

Our mission and inspiration is to make any woman look beautiful and feel sexy in her jeans.  Level 99’s uncompromised collections are filled with timeless designs and novelty styles that easily integrate into any wardrobe.  We have become synonymous with subtle detailing, smart fit, innate femininity and unparalleled quality for our price…We are always looking to push our designers and craftsmen to be more sustainable in developing contemporary fabrics, designing smart fits, and use of innovative finishes to craft a polished pair of perfectly fitting premium jeans for every woman’s comfort and style….Our jeans have adorned the bodies of Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Zoe, Miranda Kerr and many more.


So come visit us this week and pick up your own pair of Level 99 Jeans. We can’t wait to see you!